Monday, February 17, 2020
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Created as a social action initiative inspired by Wally Byam, Airstream’s founder, this website is a way to drive passion projects for groups and individuals to make the world a better place through the promotion of projects, programs, and events driving sustainability, beautification, and cleaning up of natural resources and public spaces. Leave It Beautiful is brought to you by Airstream and Airstreamers are already participating. It’s perhaps best summed up by the following manifesto:

It’s beauty. And it can be found everywhere.

Sometimes beauty is crafted by nature for all of us to enjoy. But, sometimes, oftentimes, it is created by people. From a sweet melody to a clean park, and artwork to a hot meal, Beauty is a gift. And Airstreamers are passionate purveyors, creators and admirers of this gift.

To capture the passion Airstreamers have for Beauty, Airstream has created the Leave it Beautiful initiative. LIB will support Airstreamers’ projects, goals and dreams to create Beauty and leave it for others. Airstream has created a platform for Airstreamers to post and share their projects, like creating a photo book of national parks, picking up trash on highways or planting trees in all 50 states. Together, during a time when we need it most, we can create more Beauty.

Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, found Beauty in travel. He discovered it in new cultures and community. He found Beauty “over twinkling boulevards and trackless deserts.” In blowing winds and rainbows. And the Leave it Beautiful initiative is a nod to Wally and all that he created.

Beauty is a gift.

By registering your new or existing project, you can reach a bigger audience and help make your community – and the world – a more beautiful place.