Design Your Basecamp® Contest Winners Hit the Highway


Back in February, we announced the winners of our Leave It Beautiful™ Design Your Basecamp® Contest: Jason and Briana, owners of Brainstorm, a print shop and design studio. They were two of the thousands of designers we challenged to create an exterior wrap for the Airstream Basecamp.

As the contest winners, Jason and Briana had the chance to travel the country with a Basecamp in tow.But not just any Basecamp: they got a special edition wrapped in their winning design!

As they traveled, they spread the word about Airstream’s Leave It Beautiful initiative. Leave It Beautiful celebrates amazing people, organizations, arts, and cultures that are creating beauty throughout the world in all kinds of ways.

Jason and Briana were on the road for a month and took their Basecamp from Los Angeles all the way up the coast to Portland, Oregon.

Along the way, they stopped at the Renegade Craft Fairs in both San Francisco and Los Angeles to sell their prints and products.

It was an amazing experience the creative duo won’t soon forget!

For additional information about the Basecamp, visit the Basecamp product overview page.